4 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

If you are an online entrepreneur, it is very important for you to keep in contact with your customers even after the purchase has been made.

If you stop communicating after the sales is done, there is less chance they will become a repeat customer. Thanks to the social media, you can now engage your customers and increase their loyalty on a regular basis. At least 1 out of 5 people are active users on social media networks. This means you have the chance interact with many of your customers and get feedback easily and cost effectively. The following are four ways you can boost the interaction of your customers and enhance your business online.


1. Encourage Customer Feedback

Customers love the chance to provide you with their opinion. It is important to let them know that you prefer their feedback when it comes to the improvement of your goods and services. You should ask them on the social media platform what they think of your products. As well, ask them about the improvements they would like to witness in existing products and services. This will make customers feel valued and you will discover how your products and services are being accepted.  You may be surprised to discover unexpected markets.


2. Respond Quickly

If your customers leave a comment or a question for you it is best to respond quickly. This will enhance customer loyalty and build trust. This is easy to do and very effective in generating business.  Customers will often say “they were first to answer my enquiry” when asked why they chose a company.


3. Fresh & Interesting Content

You should be regularly posting fresh and interesting content. The content you post needs to appeal to your followers. Photos and videos plus text get more response than just plain text. When posting content make an interesting headline that will make viewers stop and read.


4. Remain Active Offline

It is very important to remain active offline with your customers. Sponsoring events or local teams, visiting trade shows, meetings with community groups, free samples plus many other activities will help you create awareness of your brand. This all helps to invite customers for greater online social media interaction and engagement.


With the above 4 simple steps you can engage your customer on social media with success and enhance customer loyalty too!