Better Online Sales With Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is among the best ways to improve leads and can easily have a better conversion rate over outgoing marketing.

Inbound marketing occurs when your clients come your way, because they’re ‘pulled’ to you. This is In comparison to traditional marketing which involves reaching to all of them with ‘push’ marketing. Because inbound marketing only draws in clients who’ve proven commercial intent or curiosity about your products, those are the best for business’ as they’re prone to convert into sales.

How do we build their trust to ensure the sales conversion? It’s about giving the client what they’re searching for and making yourself an expert inside your industry. This can be done using your website with the right mix of tools.


Begin with Social

Social media is a great way to get people aimed at your website. People can uncover you thru social networking and progressively develop a relationship with your company. Getting a social networking presence inspires more trust and enables you to look more authentic. Customers report they trust a business more when that company has a strong social media presence.

Make sure to monitor what content generates more or less activity. Use other companies in your industry for a measure to gauge your results.


Landing Pages

Landing pages are a fundamental part of getting individuals to, and keeping them at your site or moving them to the next stage in the sales process. A landing page can be as simple as a headline or very focused keyword content. In both cases there is also a contact form. A comparison is the storefront window or promo display. For websites, it is not the main page or other pages of the website.

This article has some good landing page examples.


Calls to Action

A statement which makes a person click a link that takes them to a landing page. Then the customer can purchase or download something or read further information.

The important thing to calls to action is ensuring they have the right content and therefore are contextually relevant. Too many people use something similar to “click here” which too generic. It doesn’t tell the client where they’ll be forwarded to once they click. Also it doesn’t provide them with motivation to click. Better calls to action may be “start your free trial offer now!” or “contact us for additional information”.


Quality Content

Helpful content that provides your customer something they didn’t know before is the way to go. Keyword stuffing will only frustrate readers and cause penalties from Google. Regularly creating quality content won’t just get clients to your website but also help you become a business expert that clients trust.

Of course keywords are a must but spend time ensuring customers don’t leave your website two seconds after they get there and that some start a relationship with you.


Better Forms

Forms let your clients get in contact, discover more details, create appointments, claim free items and more. Make them accessible and simple. Often forms are viewed as time savers by business owners so too many questions are asked or personal information is asked too early.

Making sure that forms are simple and easily found may double the submission rate. As well, don’t ask for details like an address or telephone number unless it is necessary.


Getting people to your website is step one. Step two, being equally challenging, starting a relationship with some of your visitors and converting them into paying customers. Use these tips to turn your website into a powerful sales machine.