5 Computer Tricks To Speed Up Your Web Work

Below are a few tips to help spend less time building or updating your website. These tricks, which I use constantly, have saved me countless late nights and headaches.

CTRL+F = Text Search

Want to find a specific word or phrase on a web page, just hit the CTRL + F keys on the keyboard and a box will appear on the page (different locations depending on the browser i.e. Chrome). Now type in a word or phrase that will help find the information you are looking for. The text will be highlighted on the page plus you can skip through all locations instead of just scrolling.

Ctrl+F5 = Bigger Page Refresh

Internet browsers can store large parts of a website so when you re-visit them the web pages loads faster. It can happen that when a change to the website is made it won’t appear immediately. To know for sure that you are looking at the latest version of the website hit CTRL + F5 on your keyboard. This will download the entire web page directly from the server. In contrast, clicking refresh in the browser will reload the page but may still use data from the cache.

Empty the Cache Completely

If really big changes are made to your website like switching servers or web address then you need to do more then hitting CTRL + F5. Here is a great link with instructions for all browsers on how to empty the browser cache: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

Firewall Dodger

Another way to make sure you are seeing what your website actually looks like are proxy blockers. They will let you see what your website looks like via a different IP address. On a side note, they also work to get around firewalls that block viewing certain websites. One free example is http://www.proxyfoxy.com/.

Google It!

Before calling someone and spending hard earned cash, work on your trouble shooting skills by Googling It! As well, you are guaranteed to expand your knowledge base in the process. Nowadays much of the web is pretty consistent so if you are having a problem then you can expect to find others experiencing the same issue. There are many forums where people post questions and answers so use Google to save time and money.