Review Top Canadian Web Hosts

Choose one, get local servers and support.


Even better, most advertise prices in Canadian dollars saving you 40% over U.S. web hosts like GoDaddy or HostGator! Cheap website hosting in Canada is available. Compare top hosting companies in Canada below. Each plan is basic shared hosting on Linux servers which is the most popular choice because of price and application support (like WordPress). This website is hosted on the Canadian Web Hosting Lite Plan.

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Host Name & Plan Canadian Web Hosting – Lite Host Papa – Starter Web Hosting Canada – Starter HostUpon – Starter Sibername – Silver
Price – 1 Year $4.95/mo $5.95/mo $5.59/mo $7.95/mo $5.83/mo
Best Sale Price $3.95/mo (2+ Yrs) $3.95/mo (3+ Yrs) $3.99/mo (3+ Yrs) $3.95/mo (3+ Yrs) $5.83/mo (1+ Yrs)
Regular/Renewal Price Same As Above $5.99/mo $4.99 to $6.99 /mo $7.95/mo $8.33/mo
Price In Canadian $ Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
In Canada Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Servers In Canada Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Install WordPress Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain Included No Yes (First Year) Yes (First Year) Yes (For Life) No
Free Website Migration Yes No No Yes Yes
Free Website Builder Limited Limited Full Access Full Access Full Access
Email Accounts Unlimited 100 50 (1GB/per) Unlimited 15
Add On Domains 0 2 1 Unlimited 1
Storage 1 GB 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 20 GB
Speed vs. Host’s Other Plans Same Lowest Lowest Lowest Same
Cpanel Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Review Very few reviews for Canadian Web Hosting. Host Papa averages 4 out 5 stars. Customer support seems to be an issue for some. Very few reviews for Web Hosting Canada. Avg. 4 out 5 stars and best offering but prices are in USD. Sibername reviews are consistently high averaging 4.5+ out of 5.


Explore the web hosting terms above.

  • Price – 1 Year
  • It is possible to buy hosting on a monthly basis but this is not too common.  Generally you will have to pre-pay for at least one year.
  • Best Sale Price
  • Big savings start when you sign-up for two or three years.  The discounted price for longer registrations is the one most advertised by web hosts.
  • Regular/Renewal Price
  • The discounted price you get with the initial sign-up doesn’t last forever.  Your renewal fee will be billed at their regular rate at that time. Knowing this is an incentive to purchase longer term hosting for bigger savings.
  • Price in Canadian $
  • Web hosts are not always clear about what currency their prices are in until you reach checkout. Just because they put Canadian flags, telephone numbers, addresses or company claims on their web page doesn’t mean you will be paying in Canadian dollars.  For example, GreenGeeks is not a Canadian company and charges in U.S. Dollars but their website could lead people to think otherwise.  HostUpon is a Canadian company but charges in U.S. dollars (they note this in the FAQ section on their hosting page).
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • If you are not satisfied with the hosting plan then request a refund. Check their terms and conditions, especially if you included a domain name when you signed-up that is registered with the hosting company.
  • In Canada Support
  • When calling customer support, will the person answering the phone be in Canada or a different location.
  • Servers In Canada
  • Website speed is an important SEO factor. The closer your customers are to the server hosting your website, the better.
  • Install WordPress
  • WordPress can be run on basic hosting plans. It is not necessary to buy a Managed WordPress hosting plan.
  • Domain Included
  • New hosting plans may include a new domain registration or transfer.  There can be conditions like no .ca domains or pay for renewal after 1 year.
  • Free Website Migration
  • Let the new host move the website from the old host.
  • Free Website Builder
  • A good option for those who want to build their own website. Downside is you may not be able to take the website with you when changing web hosts.
  • Email Accounts
  • How many accounts do you really need? The important factor is how much storage is available in the hosting plan. For example, if every email received had a picture (200kb) and 100 words (10kb), 1 GB of storage would allow for 40,000 emails. Storage also includes website size.
  • Storage
  • The maximum amount of data that can be saved on the server which includes emails and websites. FYI, the current size of this website is 230 MB.
  • Add On Domains
  • Have more than one website on the same hosting plan using a different domain name.
  • Bandwidth vs. Speed
  • Bandwidth is a measurement of how much data can be transferred at a time (within a moment or over a month) while speed is a measurement of how fast things are processed.
  • Speed vs. Host’s Other Plans
  • Every web hosting company offers different plans with more and more features.  One of the features can be better speed via more server processing power available to your website. Simple websites (including those run on WordPress) shouldn’t worry about this too much.  This website (run on WordPress) loads in about one second and is on Canadian Web Hosting’s Lite Plan. If planning for a large E commerce website than hosting plan speed is important.
  • Cpanel Admin
  • A simple to use server admin area to help manage domains, websites and email accounts.

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