What is WordPress? Is it a good choice?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) today.

It is software that allows users to manage the content (text, images) of a website. It does this by having a back-end area where website owners can add or update content without using any programming languages. WordPress websites to visitors appear exactly the same as any other type of website.

This means that the difference between a website built from scratch and a WordPress based website is almost non-existent for the user. Whatever type of website he opens he/she will see the same things – text, images, videos, sliders etc. However, developing a website from scratch and creating a website based on WordPress platform are two very different things.

Initially WordPress was designed for running blogs. However, the way this platform works is very simple and soon after it was introduced to the public, a lot of web designers started using it to build more sophisticated websites. This is one of the reasons why WordPress is much more popular today compared to Joomla or other CMS platforms. For example, if you are running your website with WordPress, updating the content on it boils down to Microsoft Word skills or some other similar word processing program.

Of course, it is preferable to have certain tools for image optimization before you place them on the internet. In other words, your only worry when it comes to updating your website is to add new text, images or videos. This is why WordPress is very popular among companies that need regular updates on their websites but don’t have big budgets.

In order to change the appearance and sometimes functionality of your website you will have to choose a theme. WordPress Themes are designed by professional web designers and they can be free or paid. As mentioned before, WordPress support is huge which has caused a wide range of themes to be designed.  They can be focused on classifieds, medical office, real estate, hotels, fitness and more.

Themes can come loaded with features that would cost a lot to have programmed from scratch.  Once you choose a theme the look can also be customized.  You will need to hire a professional web designer for this but they already have a head start so you will be saving a lot of money on your budget.

Another benefit is the massive array of plug-ins that can usually be installed easily. Plug-ins can add even more functionality to a theme in areas like security and search engine optimization.

Often WordPress and themes are criticized as cheap templates or that there will be near duplicates of your website. These claims are usually an attempt to scare people into spending more money. Quality themes are tested and reviewed and an honest web designer will tell you if they are the right choice for your project. Also, even if you didn’t customize your theme; there are almost a billion websites online so seeing two that are the same is rare.

WordPress is a great option for businesses looking to get online.  Of course, budgets can still balloon if you want significant customization. However, with careful planning WordPress can be very cost effective.