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What is PPC or PPV?
PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising, PPV means Pay-Per-View. Both are powerful tools for delivering targeted traffic to your website. Ads are displayed in search engine results (Google, Bing etc.) or on their network of websites that have agreed to display their advertisements. Search result ads are text based and generally more costly while ads displayed on participating websites can be images or text.

In all cases you don’t pay a cent until someone clicks on the ad or alternatively when the ad is shown based on chosen criteria. However, it is easy spend an entire budget with poor results. That is why experienced ad campaign management is a must.

Why use PPC or PPV?
Your competitors are using it and when done well positive results are quick. PPC management allows you to target very specific groups (e.g. interests, postal codes, time of day) with keywords and settings. As well, focus can be on direct sales or company awareness.

PPC/PPV Providers
For advetising with search engines, Google AdWords is the most widely used. Google has an 87% share of the total online search market in Canada which is why most businesses choose AdWords as their preferred online advertiser. Ad campaigns can also be run on Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and other popular websites but these websites are more for awareness than immediate sales.

Why Should We Run Your Campaign?
We set up your PPC/PPV campaign with understanding of your business and customers’ needs to build the foundations for an effective campaign. We discuss your goals and the visitors you want to attract in order to find the keywords that ensure correct placement of your ads.

Plus, we apply the correct campaign management settings to achieve budget efficiency. Ad copy is another key component that we design so potential customers click on your ad instead of your competitors.

Determining the right price to bid on a given keyword and whether or not to exclude certain keywords can be time-consuming and confusing. This is where our SEO experience makes the difference so you get a better ROI.

We keep a close eye on your campaign and set up conversion tracking to monitor the clicks that results in sales or leads for your business. Transparency is important for us and we want our customers to know exactly what they paid for.

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