That’s why we focus on it in every part of our projects.


We want to help your business grow and find success. We will provide you with areas for improvement and a no obligation quote to fix them. Lets get started on improving your online presence and marketing activities.

Search Engine Optimization is more than just ranking, it’s about increasing sales. We aim to have the highest possible return on your investment by focusing on key markets and driving targeted traffic to you.  We get this done by Google, social media, online ads and niche websites.  The best advantage of SEO over traditional media is the ability to target your specific audience.

Google – The Search Engine That Matters the Most For SEO
No “black hat” tricks, we follow online quality guidelines so you get long-term results.  We are always up to date on Google guidelines and the latest SEO research. Why is Google so important? 80% to 90% of searches in Canada are on Google.

Content SEO Strategy
Content is king, and the best way to build content is regular sharable, informative and intriguing blog posts about your business. We write blog posts to build your authority while providing valuable content for all marketing channels from social media to newsletters.

Local SEO Strategy
Local SEO is essential to businesses with physical store locations or for those targeting markets in a specific areas. All businesses will benefit greatly from more local exposure. We use the top business directories and other local SEO techniques to emphasis your location to Google.

Website Optimization
Having your website optimized for Google is critical to achieving a high ranking. Keywords, proper website coding/structure, plus external factors are what we use to help your business get better page ranking and more customers.  Solid website optimization ensures Google understands your business and puts you in the right places.

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