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The WordPress content management system (CMS) is used by over sixty million people for websites of all sizes and types like e-commerce, brochure, news, classifieds, blogs and more. With thousands of well-developed plug-ins for your website design there is great development flexibility and on-page search engine optimization. Best of all, the WordPress CMS is simple to use for updating content which saves money. You don’t need to pay a web designer to make changes.

Themes/Templates: Packed with features and customizable they save development time and therefore money.

Multi Country/Language: Global businesses can easily manage multiple websites and languages.

Responsive Designs: Content is easily viewed on tablets, phones and desk-top computers.

WordPress Plug-ins: With thousands available for changing or updating website functionality creates a very flexible platform.

Open Source: WordPress is widely supported so there is constant innovative support and updating is built-in so your website stays current.

Flexibility: WordPress can be designed or theme customized to meet needs of most business types.

Scalability: WordPress websites have a high degree of scalability. As your business grows so can your website without having to completely redesign.

Optimal Arc Web Development is a professional WordPress website builder that focuses on designing the right website to grow your business.

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