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Yearly Cost of a Self-Hosted WordPress Website vs…

$60 CAD per year for hosting
$15 CAD per year for domain name

Total: $75 CAD per year (approx.)

No extra costs for eCommerce features (excl. payment processing fees).

Squarespace Personal
Total: $144 USD per year (approx. $192 CAD)
eCommerce  upgrade +72 USD per year
(excl. payment processing fees)

Basic Shopify
Total: $348 USD per year (approx. $465 CAD)
(excl. payment processing fees)

The initial cost is higher but save in the long run. Plus, there is no end of customization options with full featured cost effective themes and plugins.

WordPress is used by over sixty million people for websites of all sizes and types like eCommerce, events, brochure, news, classifieds, blogs and more. With thousands of well-developed plug-ins for your website design there is great development flexibility and on-page search engine optimization. Best of all, the WordPress CMS is simple to use for updating content which saves money. You don’t need to pay a web designer to make changes.

Take advantage of experienced and professional WordPress plugin development, theme creation or customization, maintenance services, security and speed optimization to ensure that your website is a success.

Design and development of quality WordPress solutions improve communication automation, workflows, memberships, eCommerce, sales, events and applications. If you are looking for a professional WordPress website, look no further!

Top-notch WordPress websites that are modern, SEO friendly and responsive!

Custom Websites

From scratch or with a purchased theme, implement a design that is best for your business.


Super charge sales with full eCommerce shops using WooCommerce or single product sites that are highly functional.


Customize or build WordPress plugins to enhance your business operations.

WordPress Support

Keep your site running smoothly and up to date with ongoing maintenance or emergency repairs.

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